Alberta RCMP are reminding Albertans to be extra vigilant around road safety during this Heritage Day long weekend.

Road traffic tends to be busier in the summer increasing the likelihood of collisions between vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Here are some important reminders:
Obey the posted speed limit and follow the rules of the road - with everyone maintaining the same flow of traffic, other motorists will be better able to anticipate your actions.
Be patient and maintain your composure while driving - especially in areas of construction or heavily trafficked roadways.
Research and plan your route ahead of time by monitoring 511 Alberta for traffic updates - have a passenger monitor traffic app for real-time updates for congestion or collisions on the road.
Never get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle when under the influence of drugs or alcohol - this is still the #1 reason for deaths on Alberta roads.

RCMP, Sheriffs and local patrols across the province will be out enforcing the rules of the road this holiday long weekend.