It was a great weekend to run, bike and swim for the Natural High Fitness and KidSport Okotoks Triathlon.

Shari Gustafson, Executive Director of KidSport Okotoks, says they should be just shy of $10,000 once all totals and costs are factored in.

Gustafson says all of the proceeds go towards helping local families.

"100 percent of the profit made from the day goes directly to KidSport and from there KidSport distributes it to families in need within our community," she says. "It helps to sponsor families in helping their children access sports."

Gustafson says there was some very committed participants which made for a great day.

"We had a fellow who had his bike break down and he carried it on his shoulders all the way back to transition and had it repaired then got right back out on the route and finished the race," she says. "Just the feel and the spirit that was created through that and people cheering him on... it was awesome to see that type of dedication."

Gustafson says 82 people assisted with the Triathlon helping to keep participants safe and make the day fun.

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