Kelly Cook at 15 years old


On the 30th anniversary of her murder, RCMP still wait for the tip that will bring Standard teen, Kelly Cook's killer to justice.

In April of 1981, 15-year-old Cook was picked up for a babysitting job by a man who identified himself as Bill Christensen, a common last name in the area, and was never seen alive again.

RCMP Regional Spokesperson Sergeant Patrick Webb says they are confident someone out there knows something.

Webb says with advances in computer and DNA technology, police are better equipped than ever before to solve cold cases.

Webb says this case won't be closed until it is solved and the Cook family finally gets the answers they deserve.

He says the abduction and murder of the teen left a community grieving right along with the cook family.

Webb says officers want nothing more than to be able to knock on the door of the Cook family home and tell them Kelly's killer has finally been found.

Cook's body was found several months after she disappeared, rope-bound and weighted down with concrete blocks in an irrigation canal near Taber.

A $120,000 reward for information about the case, remains unclaimed in a bank account under the trust of the village.