The Town of Okotoks community clean-up is quickly approaching and the town is looking for volunteers.

This year, community volunteers, town staff, and committee members plan to spruce up the town by picking up any litter within the area as well as planting 1,200 native trees along the river valley.

Jinny Toffelmire, environment and sustainability coordinator with the town is excited to see it back in its old form.

"It’s a general cleanup of all of Okotoks. It used to be called the Sheep River Valley Cleanup, 'cause we did focus a lot on the Sheep River Valley as it's so beautiful and we want to keep it as clean as possible but it's about the bigger community as well."

The clean-up will run Saturday, May 7 starting at 9 a.m. There will be a large meet-up at Sheep River Park but residents can choose to clean anywhere in town. If residents want to clean a specific area Toffelmire recommends registering first.

“That way we can provide you with the proper supplies that you need to clean up in your community. Then there's some instructions there as well like, ‘what are you going to do with your garbage once you've picked it all up?’  

“So there's instructions about that that are included in the cleanup kits. Those kits are going to be available for pick up at the Recreation Center.” 

"I think it'll also help us to, you know, put us on the road to recovery from some of the emotional and the economic strain that still exists from COVID."

It will be almost identical to pre-COVID standards except for one thing.

"There is not a barbecue this year. We are still being a little bit sensitive to the whole situation that COVID brought us. There will be some snacks. Cobbs and Sobeys have both decided to donate a little bit of food for us ... and there will be some coffee and hot chocolate available for participants."

More information as well as the link to register can be found on the Towns Website.

"You know, COVID demonstrated that we really value our parks. We value our open spaces. Everyone got out there to use our pathway system. So we're really asking our community to come together this next weekend on the 7th to help us maintain these spaces for everybody to enjoy."