For some, it's time to retire the cowboy boots after 11 days of action at the Calgary Stampede.

If you ventured onto the Stampede grounds, you may have noticed crowds seemed a bit smaller.

According to reports from the Calgary Stampede, attendance was down by 94,919 visitors this year compared to last.

In 2014, the cumulative attendance number was 1,263,428this year it dropped to 1,168,509.

Some Okotokians say the reason they stayed at home is because they found the event to be draining on their bank accounts.

"Stampede is supposed to be an experience. With that said, financially it's something that you save for and I do think that there's enough promotions for the Stampede to make it affordable for families to go."

"Super expensive. Just to take the two kids and eat is like $100. We'd rather stay here and play."

The cost of general admission this year was $18 while children and seniors got in for $9.

One resident avoided the grounds because she says she doesn't feel the Stampede is an appropriate environment for kids anymore.

"I do not think that it's geared for children anymore," she says. "The alcohol and other extracurricular activities have kind of taken over the entire Stampede and what it actually is about."

For some, they preferred to stay within the community.

"There's just enough fun things for the kids to do in Okotoks and staying local," one resident says.

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