Only about a dozen people came out for the High River Police Committee open house at the Memorial Centre Thursday, February 16.

Police Committee members, including High River RCMP Staff Sergeant Robin Alexander were on hand to answer questions and get feedback from the public.

He says he expects a similar event coming up on rural crime to really draw a crowd.

"As a matter of fact we are going to have an open house, (Tuesday) April 10th I believe, inviting people from the M.D., which is I gather going to be a County soon, so we can hear from those folks too."

One of the issues coming out of Thursday night's open house was the increase in police have to deal with well armed criminals.

Alexander says it's unfortunate but in today's world, in almost every situation they go to, they have to assume the bad guys are armed.

"We do what we call "high risk takedowns." Because we are getting into gun battles with people over something as stupid as a stolen car and I want to make sure my people are safe and ultimately nobody gets hurt."

He says in recent years members in the High River Detachment are much better prepared for dealing with violent armed criminals through more tactical training and increased fire power, including high powered assault rifles.

In all those at last night's meeting had high praise for the RCMP in High River.

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