Albertans got to participate in the first virtual pension Town Hall Monday night.

Finance minister Nate Horner says they want to learn how the majority of people feel about the idea.

"I think we've definitely heard from people that were very much in favour of it, 'go get it, get it done, we also heard people very much against it, 'why are we doing this?' But I think a lot of people that just said, 'Hey we want to know more, we want more understanding, this is a policy discussion of great consequence, and we really want to make sure it's fleshed out and well understood," he says.

According to Horner, the panel holding the meetings has until May of 2024 to engage with Albertans before coming up with a report for the government.

He says we could get a say in a plebiscite sooner rather than later.

"If we found that the idea had enough support to take the next step and can take it to a referendum, and that is not certain, but if it were to, that would be one of the options, we could look to putting it on a municipal ballot, that would be in October of 2025, but something that is very certain is that it takes a year to get it on to a referendum so from any point from the point we wanted to proceed to a referendum we need a full year."

The Southern Alberta Town Hall comes up October 24th, but you have to pre-register to take part.

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