Smoke lingers in the air again in the Foothills, with another special air quality statement in effect from Environment & Climate Change Canada.

They're warning that, once again, people may experience coughing, throat irritation, headaches or shortness of breath, especially those with asthma or lung disease.

Most of the smoke is drifting from B.C., where nearly 200 wildfires are currently burning.

Unfortunately, Environment & Climate Change Canada meteorologist Danielle Desjardins says significant rain isn't likely to provide relief.

"For the next week or so there are a few small chances of precipitation but I wouldn't say there's anything significant for Southern Alberta down the pipe. The next chance of precipitation, especially over the Foothills wouldn't be in the Wednesday to Thursday timeframe but nothing super widespread or heavy, I'd say."

Luckily, favourable conditions look to be on the way.

"If we get into a southerly or southeasterly flow, which is anticipated, those conditions will get better as the days progress. Today looks like the worst so far but, of course, that could change depending on if there are new fires that form," says Desjardins.

On top of the haze and smoke, the Foothills will also be just a little warmer than average for this time of year.

Expect highs of around 20 this week, just a few degrees above the average temperature of 18.