There are three candidates vying for a seat on the M.D. of Foothills Council in Division One. One of those is Robert Siewert, who says tax rates are a growing concern in the municipality.

"We have seen significant increases in our tax rates over the last few year, and we need to be very vigilant on keeping our costs low so we can hopefully stop the upwards spiral that our tax rates have been on."

When it comes to developments, the M.D. needs to maintain a strong voice so it doesn't get swallowed up by the views of the city, Siewert says.

"We need to be preserving farm land, and looking after our natural resources, and I just want to have a say in how we do that throughout the M.D., whether it be the average developments in the South, or the big Calgary region growth board to the North."

Siewert says, he's running for council to give back to his community.

"I've always been very community minded, and love to contribute everything I can to the community, so I see this as just an extension of that by getting involved and making a difference."

Siewert hopes to address the current water rates in Cayley, Blackie, Aldersyde, and Silver tip in the near term as well.

He will be going head to head  with candidate Llana Malmberg and incumbent Rick Percifield for a seat on the Foothills M.D. Council.

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