The Salvation Army in the foothills has recovered from the Christmas rush.

John Arndt says they have a big event coming up.

"We're doing a community dinner on Feb. 21, also known as pancake Tuesday, so we're doing a pancake dinner with pancakes and sausages," he says. "There is a registration for it because we're limited in our church to 80 people in the basement, so there is an online registration for it, or they can give me a call on my work number which is the same number as the Thrift Store." (403-652-2195)

Debbie Kowalyk says they're looking to replenish the shelves after the big rush.

"I don't think anybody forgets about us, they just get busy after Christmas and we're not out in the community as much, that we are hoping to change as we get our EDS trailer back, but yes we do need some stuff in the Thrift Store," she says. "Hygiene products are always needed, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and perishables. 

She says they'd love to have some fresh produce for clients when they come in along with dairy products that they don't get on a regular basis.

They are able to take those items now that they have a walk-in fridge and a walk-in freezer.

Kowalyk says they're seeing some new faces at the Thrift Store since the start of the year.