The High River Rotary club is flying the flag again this year.

Actually, they'll come out and raise the flag in the front yard of participants in its program according to Rotary President Ken Martell.

"This is our fourth year, we've got 350 flags sold to date, last year we did 496 so we're looking to break that 500 number this year. It's a really good program and it looks really spectacular when you drive down and see all those flags, it looks really cool," Martell says.

To order a flag for every holiday weekend through the summer just go to

They're also raising money at the Lobster Boil coming up on June 4th as part of Rotary international's long time goal to eradicate polio.

"We have a program that we call 15,000 Children and we're raising funds to vaccinate 15,000 children against polio overseas. For $16 you can vaccinate 23 kids," he points out.