Lots of camping trailers are being pulled out of storage and readied for camping season.

Team Lead for High River Protective Services Austin Kesler says trailers can't be left alone on the street.

"A towable RV or trailers must remain attached to the towing vehicle, the trailer must now block, obstruct, impede or hinder traffic or become a public safety hazard and the RV or trailer must be parked directly adjacent to the owner's property as shown in the records of the motor vehicle registry and no projections, slides or attachments can be extended which inhibits the safe removal of the RV or trailer," he explained.

Cords or hoses cannot be connected to the trailer except while it's being serviced.

He says owners have 48 hours for loading or unloading but the trailer still has to be attached to a vehicle that can tow it.

According to the Town's traffic bylaw there's a fine of $100 for noncompliance but Kesler says part of the goal with the new Protective Services program is to be proactive and educate residents about issues before they become complaints.