All kinds of records fell at the Calgary Stampede tarp auction Thursday night.

12 time Stampede Champ Kelly Sutherland got the high bid of the night at $300,000.

That beats his old record of $210,000 back in 2008.

Sutherland says he knows with that kind of money he'll be under all kinds of pressure.

"I think this year, the centennial in the Calgary Stampede's going to be fantastic. There's going to be so much pressure, and a lot of pressure is going to be on me. You can only do what you do. You just hope you get a little bit of lady luck and a lot of management."

Stampede Chuckwagon Committee Chair Mark Damm says he couldn't be happier with how the sale went.

"This shattered all our expectations. You know I'd been saying top five or top three if we're lucky. And here we are number one on both the auction overall and the top bids."

Overall $4,015,000 was bid which is a record.

High River's Jason Glass had the fifth highest bid of the night as he pulled in $135,000 from Shaw GMC.

Okotoks Mark Sutherland went to the Cowboys Posse for $110,000.

The Drivers will line up and do it all again Tuesday, April 3rd at the WPCA GMC Tour auction.

The overall total for the sale was a record $4,015,000.00 beating the 2007 record total of $4,003,500.00 by $11,500.00.

$2,895,000.00 of the total was bid on the 25 drivers that will represent the World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA) at this year’s Calgary Stampede, for an average bid of $115,800.00/driver.

In comparison, $1,120,000.00 was bid on the 11 drivers representing the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association, for an average bid of $101,818.18/driver.

The average bid on all 36 wagons was $111,527.78 up $32,638.89 from $78,888.89 in 2011, with the median bid being $110,000.00 up $35,000.00 from $75,000.00 in 2011.

It was the highest average and median bids of all time as well.

Unsuccessful bidders will still be able to by a wagon at the 2012 WPCA GMC Tour chuckwagon canvas auction to be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Check for further details.


Driver Sponsor Amount Bid WPCA Drivers
Kelly Sutherland  Tervita $300,000.00 x
Buddy Bensmiller  Pidherney's $150,000.00 x
Gary Gorst  Friends of the Calgary Food Bank $150,000.00
Luke Tournier  Ten Day Tarmac Babies $140,000.00 x
Jason Glass  Shaw GMC Chevrolet Buick $135,000.00 x
Chad Harden  Crow Enterprises Ltd. $130,000.00 x
Obrey Motowylo  H & E Oilfield Services Ltd. $125,000.00 x
Reg Johnstone  Manteo Group of Companies $120,000.00 x
Jerry Bremner  CEDA International $120,000.00 x
Colt Costrave  Tsuu T'ina First Nation $120,000.00 x
Hugh Sinclair  Poseidon Concepts $120,000.00 x
Vern Nolin  Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP $120,000.00
Kurt Bensmiller  Eco Fuel Saver $115,000.00 x
Troy Dorchester  Fireside of Cochrane $115,000.00 x
Rick Fraser  Northwell Oilfield Hauling (2009) Inc. $110,000.00 x
Mark Sutherland  The Cowboy's Posse $110,000.00 x
Tim Haroldson  Darcy Simoneau $110,000.00 x
Shane Nolin  Noralta Lodge $110,000.00
Logan Gorst  RigSat Communications $110,000.00
Brian Laboucane  The Mavericks Chuckwagon Team $105,000.00
Jamie Laboucane  Friends of the Mavericks $105,000.00
Grant Profit  Ja-Co Welding & Consulting Ltd. $100,000.00 x
Rae Croteau Jr.  Dene-COR Construction Ltd. $100,000.00 x
Doug Irvine B & R Eckel's Transport Ltd. $100,000.00 x
Layne MacGillivray BKDI Architects $100,000.00 x
Wayne Knight  Express Employment Professionals $100,000.00
Kirk Sutherland  Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. $95,000.00 x
Roger Moore  The Legends $95,000.00
Cliff Cunningham  Purolator $90,000.00 x
Ray Mitsuing  Sandlewood Developments Ltd. $90,000.00
Troy Flad  Rocky Mountain Equipment $80,000.00 x
Mike Vigen  Dene-COR Construction Ltd./ The Legends $80,000.00 x
Codey McCurrach ATB Financial $80,000.00 x
Devin Mitsuing $70,000.00
BJ Carey Olympia Trust Company $65,000.00
John Walters Heninger Toyota / Chickwagon! Foundation for Women $50,000.00 x