A lot of drivers treat a long straight stretch of road like a raceway.

High River RCMP Constable Jill Kingdon-Mills wants to get the message out that the speed limit on 12th Avenue west of the traffic circle is 50-kilometres an hour.

"We've had a few complaints about it, 12th all the way along has a speed limit of 50 kilometres an hour and west of the traffic circle is seems like people feel like they're out of town and they can speed up and that's not the case because again, if we catch you going faster than you should be you might end up with a speeding ticket," she says.

Constable Kingdon-Mills says it's a simple safety issue the homes and the Happy Trails along that section and the number of people out riding their bikes.

She says all of 12th Avenue, from the west end of town to the Highway 2 overpass, sees some excessive speeds at times.