Thieves and raccoons do their best work in the dark.

That's one reason High River RCMP Cst. Jill Kingdon-Mills says business owners might want to keep their premises lit at night.

"Make sure that your exterior lights on your building all work, " she says. "Check every once in a while to see if the bulbs are burnt out and replace them as quickly as you can. Definitely make sure possible entrances, that includes doors, that includes windows are locked and secure.  When you leave overnight leave a few lights on because if there's lights on inside somebody driving by, whether it's us or just a community member paying attention they're going to see if somebody's walking around."

She says landscaping can make a difference too.

If anyone's thinking of breaking into a business they're less likely to do it if there's no shrubs or bushes where they can hide behind and keep from being seen.