Locals gathered in Okotoks on Saturday to watch some pumpkins fly through the sky.

Charter president Amy Giroux with the Okotoks Optimist Club says this was the third annual Pumpkin Chunkin event.

Tents, food trucks, and trebuchets were all ready to go at the Country Living and Garden Center on Saturday, Oct. 30.

“We’re raising money for the food bank. We are raising money for local youth in Okotoks, just having a good time.”

She says there were eight registered trebuchets and seven actually present.

“It’s a little muddy, but we’re optimistic. It’s still a good time. At least the sun’s out.”

She says the pumpkins would have flown regardless of the weather since they had a bunch to get rid of.

“I love seeing the competition this year. That was awesome. And the bucket’s full for the food bank, so that was awesome as well.”

At one point about halfway through the event, the record for the pumpkin launch was at 470 feet.

“We may be looking for a bigger field,” says Giroux.

(Photos by Jessica Dezall/Okotoks Online)