Work's continuing on the High River pump track.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says Jeff Hamilton and his volunteers have had to deal with a few snags along the way.

"They've been hit with some increased costs and not all donations coming through and so we're just keeping an eye on the project but council's very much committed that this project has to get done properly," he says.

Snodgrass says when the project started oil was at $20 a barrel and when it got up to $90 to $100 it added to the cost of asphalt.

"The Town is committed that this project is completed properly and all the landscaping is done as we said it would to the residents who had opposition to it as to how it would affect their property values and we don't want it to be a dust bowl or anything so it's all going to be sodded and there's going to be trees planted and it's going to look good," Snodgrass says.

Pump track with Spray Park in the distance                                                                             Pump track with Spray Park in the distance