Nearly $1.4 Billion is being spent on road projects around Alberta this year.

Some of the 300 highway improvement projects are just in the design phase but others will be done this year.

Two of them are in our local area.

A culvert over the Sheep River will be improved near Turner Valley to support oversized and overweight loads.

And on Highway 22 near Longview crews will be replacing a bridge and cattle pass.

High River RCMP Constable Jill Kingdon-Mills is hoping drivers will take it easy around workers on the road no matter who they are.

"Police ambulance, fire, tow truck operator, construction, if you've never stood on the side of the highway and had somebody go by you really fast, you maybe don't understand it but it is pretty intimidating and scary," she says.

There are 80 projects in total in the Southern Region of the province.