Premier Jason Kenney is calling on the federal government to cut the planned increase to the Carbon Tax in half.

Kenney says the call is another way to stand up for Albertans during difficult times.

"(It's) An opportunity for Alberta's elected representatives to speak clearly to the federal government. I also signed a letter, with the premier's of Saskatchewan and Manitoba calling on the feds not to increase the Carbon Tax on April 1, so this is a formal way we, as Alberta's elected representatives can speak out on this," Premier Kenney said. "And who knows, there's still a few days left, maybe Mr. Trudeau will still come to common sense on this."

He encourages other provinces to do what Alberta has done and pass motions to suspend the Carbon Tax hike set for Friday April 1.

According to the Bank of Canada, the scheduled increase of the Carbon Tax to $50 a tonne will increase inflation by an estimated 0.5 per cent.

Kenney was also asked to comment on a meme put out on his social media account which used Sunday night's Oscar's moment where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for a joke he had made at Smith's wife's expense.

The meme on Kenney's account has the word "Reality" written in text over Smith and "Green Energy Policies" in text over Rock.

"It's no surprise that Albertans are opposed to green left policies like the Carbon Tax that are making everything more expensive and food and electricity inflation are not an accident, they are the deliberate result of higher carbon taxes, we've got to wake up and realize that what the NDP-Liberal coalition is trying to do here is to actually make life more expensive for all of us, to actually increase inflation, that's the goal of all of this," Kenney says. "I think when the Carbon Taxes were at a relatively lower price point people didn't really notice it, but at a 30 year high for inflation, when they can barely afford to fill up their gas tanks, heat their homes and pay their electricity bill, so if that posting gets the attention of the federal government and others that are trying to slide in this 400 per cent increase in fuel and energy costs then that's a good thing."

The Province's plan to drop the provincial tax on gas also goes into effect Friday.