Pickleball is moving indoors for the winter months.

Due to demand and colder weather, the town of Okotoks has moved its pickleball courts into the Foothills Centennial Centre for the winter.

"We just did some review on our facilities and found that it was a possibility for us to do this down at the Centennial Centre around the other bookings it has," says Daniel Robinson, Recreation Operations Manager with the Town of Okotoks.

But you are asked to book ahead. 

"The Foothills Centennial Centre is a community gathering space, and so that is its priority. So, the pickleball will be based around those bookings," explains Robinson. People can book ahead at https://www.activeokotoks.ca/. 

Robinson says that booking ahead will allow people to see how many other players will be there, as well as allowing the town to staff the pickle courts accordingly.

As of November 6, people have been able to book pickleball times at the newly created indoor pickleball courts. While the normal fees do apply at the Centennial Centre, there is a lower fee if people are wanting to solely play pickleball. 

Over the summer, people were able to play pickleball at a couple outdoor multipurpose courts, as well as the Okotoks Curling Club. But once the weather got cold and the curling season began in September, there was still a demand for pickleball. Robinson says that they plan to reinstall the pickleball court in the curling rink next spring.

The town has been pursuing options for pickleball players due to demand and noise complaints from residents near the Bob Anderson courts.

The outdoor courts are now closed for the winter months.

For more information, visit the Active Okotoks website.

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