Okotoks has announced parking bans for tomorrow (May 16) due to more scheduled street cleaning.

This is in accordance with Traffic Bylaw 10-10, sections 4.20, 4.21, and 4.22.

The streets that will be under parking bans tomorrow from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm are as follows:

- Crystal Ridge Drive from Downey Road to North Railway Street

- Southbank Boulevard from 32 Street to Southbank Road

- Southbank Street from Southbank Boulevard to Southbank Road

- Southbank Road from 32 Street to Southbank Street

Okotoks has clarified that it will not affect Canada Post Delivery, Emergency Responders, Waste Collection, etc.

Residents are encouraged to find alternate travel routes as the streets are cleaned. All vehicles and obstructions must be removed from the streets prior to 7:00 am tomorrow for the cleanup. 

"The Town thanks the public for their support and assistance while Transportation teams continue to deliver our road maintenance services to our community throughout the year," reads the announcement from the town.