This weekend was a busy weekend in agriculture, as many farmers were out harvesting or bailing and others were accepting visitors from all over the province for Open Farm Days.

Open Farm Days is an initiative by Alberta Agriculture to educate and invite the general public into actual working farms and ranches to see how they function and how our food ends up on our plates.

Chinook Honey Farm off of Highway 7 participated in the weekend event, and owner Cherie Andrews says it's an amazing way to include a wider audience in your promotions and get the word out.

"It's really good that Alberta Agriculture is doing all of the promotion and helps us with signage and getting people out, they're very helpful in that regard." She shares, it's interesting to see the wide variety of people that Open Farm Days attracts. "It's interesting because it's a lot of people that wouldn't of heard about us in the ways that we promote ourselves, and that's quite interesting.  There's a lot of different cultures that come through too, it's quite cool to just stand here and listen to five different languages - it's amazing."

Andrews and her husband own the Chinook Honey Farm, and they brought in a Bee Keeper for the weekend to educate the attending public, on the bee-hind the scenes activity that takes place in the hives.

She shares the open hive workshop is something that they'll only hold once a year.

"The open hive workshop is something we only do during Open Farm Days, so that's two days out of a year that we'll put up our screen tents and have a bee keeper there to actually go through the hives and show the crowds what the inner workings look like."

30 farms participated in the event throughout the southern part of Alberta.