Three-year-old Okotokian Kolten Davis finished his great cycle challenge on Friday, September 25.

Between Wednesday, August 5 and September 25, he managed to cycle 371 kilometres, raising $13,780.10.

An impressive feat, considering his original goal of just $200 and the fact he's only three.

He's ranked second in Alberta and sixth in all of Canada.

Kolten's mother Tasha says he had a blast.

"He just loves it all, loves progressing, loves seeing people on the paths, he loves when people comment on his jersey and he says to them 'I'm raising money for kids with cancer!'"

She says passersby were constantly showing their support for Kolten, and recalls the kindness of one specific stranger.

"A mom actually yelled from her balcony as we passed by. She screamed out for him and we stopped, turned, and looked, and she asked if we wanted our water bottles filled. It may sound very minimal, but when you're out and about, you have no access to anything, we're in the middle of the pandemic when somebody offers up something like that, it's pretty heartwarming!"

Between meeting Batman and making all kinds of friends on his journey, she says Kolten is eager to get at it again.

They're planning on forming a cycling team of kids near Kolten's age, tentatively named "Rippin' Donuts" by Kolten himself.

Local businesses have already shown interest in supporting Kolten's future efforts.

Through it all, Judy says Kolten does understand what he's been riding for.

"He goes 'When I'm sick, your sad, so maybe if I raise more money, then those mommies of the sick kids don't have to be sad anymore.' It was a pretty heartfelt message for a three-year-old, and for him to say that on his own, that's pretty remarkable."

To view his campaign page, click here.

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