Street sweeping efforts start today (April 18) in Okotoks.

With that comes parking bans.

Bans are put in place on roadways impacted by maintenance, and the town tries to declare bans 48 hours in advance.

The first set of parking bans apply to the following streets for April 18 and 19:

  • Crescent Road (from Pacific Avenue to Poplar Avenue)
  • Poplar Avenue (from Crescent Road to North Railway Street)
  • Woodhaven Drive (from Woodbend Way to Cimarron Drive)
  • Westland Street (from Southridge Drive to Westmount Road)
  • Westland Gate (from Westland Gate from Southridge Drive to Westridge Drive)
  • Hunters Gate (from Southridge Drive to Sheep River Drive)

Residents are asked to leave plenty of room for vehicles on the road, and to clear residential streets of debris like bins, ramps and bsketball hoops.

If crews miss an area, residents are asked to contact Operatons at (403) 938-8952.

Updates on the latest parking bans can be seen here.