One of the picnic tables in front of the Okotoks Art Gallery became an artist's canvas this week.

Yiting Hui says she saw that the tables could use a new coat of paint and asked Katrina Lougheed, the gallery specialist at the Art Gallery, if she could do one.

"I saw the tables here, and I thought it's a really good idea to have something for the community, something colourful. And those ones are getting old, so I asked Katrina, 'Do you mind if I paint one?' And they really liked the idea, so here I am."

Photo supplied by Yiting Hui.

She presented them with her food-themed design and got the go-ahead.

"Food and drink is always something to bring everyone together, and we build relationship on it. And we enjoy our time. We remember the joy that we spend time with friends and family over food, like over a dinner or picnic, and that's how I really want to emphasize relationship and human touch."

Though she's from Calgary, her artwork is showcased in some local places including the Okotoks Art Gallery, and now in front of it with the newly painted picnic table.