Okotokians now have access to a satellite Volkswagen dealership. A project made possible by the Wood Automotive Group.

The Wood Auto Group has been in Okotoks for almost 30 years, opening its doors to Okotoks Lincoln Mercury back in 1991. Since then they've made a commitment to give back to the community it serves. 

Recently, the Wood Auto Group made a partnership with South Centre Volkswagen and is pleased to announce that its newest dealership, Okotoks Volkswagen, is now open for business. It will operate as a satellite operation out of its main Calgary location. 

A first of its kind in Canada.

Rory Wood, Vice President, Wood Automotive Group says after they bought the VW dealership back in March of 2020 they approached them with the idea.

"They came to us with the idea that ‘Hey, we want to be in Okotoks, but we don't want to start up a whole new franchise.’ This is the first time in Canada they're doing this and it's in Okotoks. 

"So they saw we had the facility and with their help and investing we were happy to beautify the building, 'cause it needs a bit of love, and it looks absolutely fantastic."

The senior team of Okotoks Ford and Okotoks VW

They opened the doors with an official red ribbon-cutting Monday, July 11 with representatives from the Volkswagen Group Canada as well as senior leaders from the Wood Automotive Group and Okotoks Mayor Tanya Thorn.

This new satellite dealership will operate just the same as its Calgary parent says Wood.

"We will have all the same things as any normal VW store will have, but with having the support of a much larger one if we need it for tools or supplies and everything. 

"It's about not just focusing in one area but being able to expand our horizons and abilities to support our customers."