It's Small Business Week, and the Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce has plenty in store.

It's always a big week for the chamber, but they're especially keen to get going this year.

Executive director Dawn LeMaistre says it's an important time for businesses to build bonds and connections, internally and externally.

"It's super important, especially coming out of COVID. We always talk about 'shop local, love local,' all that stuff, but we also have to take into account what we're doing for our staff and everybody within out business, and that's ultimately what Small Business Week is about. We are here to provide a bunch of events and opportunities for business owners and managers to come out, get some education, get growth, and learn."

This year's theme is "Dare to Do Things Differently."

LeMaistre says the chamber plans to provide plenty of opportunities and examples for local businesses to mix things up.

They've got daily events planned all week, with appearances from local business owners including Clint and Robin Pigeon (Business Life of Husband and Wife), Russel Thomas (Birdsong Studio), and Lisa Watts (Hub Town Brewing).

That includes "Speed Dating Business Style," a breakfast panel, and a workshop lunch.

The chamber aims to foster relationships, skills, and collaboration for and between local business owners.

"Everybody's got to be innovative, we're all struggling for the same piece of the pie, so we're here to support local businesses, managers, and all the entrepreneurs, and we've just put a slate of events that we hope will do that for everybody."

More information is available on the chamber's website.