The Okotoks Art Gallery is taking submissions for the sixth annual Gingerbread Station.

Every year, they display gingerbread creations at the art gallery from Okotokians and invite locals to stop by and vote on their favourites.

There are some rules and regulations that gingerbread artists should keep in mind, with a maximum of 18''x18'' for the base, and a height restriction of 36''.

Of course, the creations must be 100 per cent edible.

Gallery assistant Katrina Lougheed says that hasn't held back anyone's creativity in past years.

"We had one that was, I believe it was a yeti house. They built a cave or a nest out of, I think it was hardened sugar, maybe some chocolate on top. We had a skating rink where they used melted sugar to make it look like an ice surface, which was amazing-looking. I think we had the Leaning Tower of Pisa one year, and that was just gingerbread."

There's a youth category (ages 15 and under) and an adult category.

gingerbreadPhoto courtesy of the Okotoks Art Gallery.

"Anyone in the youth category is welcome to use a kit to help them construct their gingerbread house, the adult competitors have to construct from scratch," says Lougheed.

Okotokians will be able to view and vote on the gingerbread creations starting on November 17.

The top three designs in the youth and adult categories win gift cards for their business of choice:

Adult 1st: $100
Adult 2nd: $75
Adult 3rd: $50

Youth 1st: $75
Youth 2nd: $50
Youth 3rd: $25

Participants will have to enter ahead of time, with a deadline of November 11.

For the contest rules and link to enter, click here.

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