If you're a person that enjoys a good book over the Christmas break but don't want haul around heavy books if you're travelling... then the Okotoks Library can help.

From E-books to music and magazines you can get just about any publication online through the Marigold Library system.

Director of Library Services Tessa Nettleton says all you need is a portable device capable of holding the apps involved in the system.

"We have a lot of e-resources through Marigold, they added a lot this year they've added magazines, music and added an extra download for E-Books we have Overdrive and we've added 3M as well," she says.

Nettleton adds that you can just about any top seller on the shelves through the online system.

"They're normally are the ones that come out of the main publication house, and they have plenty of copies, you would be put on a hold if there was a high demand for the E-Books."

Nettleton says the Marigold online apps are free but you do have to pay a small fee to use them and the library can help you get set up.

"It's $25 for a family for a year, $15 for a single and we have special pricing for over 65 and anybody over 80 is free."

The library will be open right up till Christmas Eve day, they'll return to business on the 27th and Nettleton says they will have a few patrons asking for start up on their Marigold systems.

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