It's nomination day for the by-election in Rocky View County.

With the tragic passing of Division One Councillor, Rick Butler, the County is now looking to fill his vacant seat.

Returning Officer Karen Kwan says there are a few things that have to happen. "Before we can declare the by-election to be official we have to have enough candidates to declare. That won't take place until the next day - 24 hours after nomination. The actual by-election voting day is on Monday, March the 26th."

Along with properly filing nomination papers, there are a few criteria interested candidates must meet.

"The main ones are that they are a resident of the Division One electoral division, they are 18 years old or older on nomination day and they are a Canadian citizen," she explains. "In addition to that they have been residing in Alberta since September 26th of 2011."

Much of the same criteria is also required to vote.

Division One includes the Bragg Creek area.

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