There won't be a by-election in Okotoks to replace the vacant seat on town council.

In March, Councillor Cheryl Actemichuk submitted her resignation, citing personal reasons.

According to provincial law, municipalities are required to hold a by-election to fill council vacancies, unless a vacancy occurs within 18 months of the next municipal election.

Because Actemichuk's resignation was submitted just outside that window, 19 months before next year's election, the town would have had to hold a by-election by default.

Due to the timing and the estimated $40,000 cost to hold a by-election and train a new councillor, Okotoks' council wrote to Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver in March to request that the need to fill the vacancy be extended to the next local election in October of 2025.

On May 8, the Town confirmed they had received a Ministerial Order from Minister McIver granting their request, meaning a by-election will not be necessary.

Okotoks' Chief Administrative Officer Elaine Vincent was quoted in a media release from the Town.

“I am pleased that Minister McIver agreed with Council’s position on holding a by-election so close to the upcoming general election period... This decision will allow us to continue focusing on Council’s established priorities, without the distraction of hosting a costly by-election.”