The province says Blue-Green Algae toxins are not a problem this year.

The regular amounts of rain we've had this year are keeping Alberta lake levels high.

Blue-green Algae happens during the summer when lake levels become low.

The blooms releases toxins into ecosystem that are in turn taken in by fish.

If the fish die and wash up on shore they are then eaten by birds and other animals that can become sick and die because of the toxins.

Darcy Whiteside with Sustainable Resource Development says, "If anybody does see dead fish or birds on lake shores, they can phone our Fish and Wildlife Offices. We want to know if any of these situations do occur."

He says Blue- Green Algae could still occur in August, because of it's unpredictable weather.

The number for the High River Fish and Wildlife office is (403)652-8330 or you can contact the province at">