The producing mind behind High River's RedBlack Recording has dropped a new hit.

Craig Carswell has released "What Do You Do," a slower tune to tug at the heartstrings.

Teaming up with local singer-songwriter Kayla Bil, they started in the studio in mid-2022 to bring this story to life.

"Craig and I have known each other a long time and we decided that we wanted to write a really sappy album. He sent me the first version of the song and I loved it and wrote my own stuff to it.

"We decided that this one will be our 'big one'."

Carswell is no stranger to having several original songs under his belt, always pulling from his own life to bring these emotions to life.

"My songwriting style is derived from personal experience and then I make them vague enough so everybody can relate to them." 

Of course, no song is complete without a video. 

"Kayla and I did a song last year” mentions Carswell. “I felt like it was really good, but I didn't think that it was the one that I really wanted to put a bunch of time into for making a music video.  

“I just thought that this song was more relatable and could reach a lot of people, and I think when you put a visual to a song like this, it also adds a new element to the song that maybe people wouldn't have thought of before.” 

The video was a first for photographer Brad MacMillan, who nails the tone of the video perfectly and according to Kayla, a few tears have been shed watching it. 

"We've had lots of really good feedback. A couple of people have said that the last scene made them cry. Other people have let me know that they are singing it in the show because it's so catchy.

"A sappy song that's catchy? Who would've thought!" 

Watch the video below and follow the crew on their social media!