Young families with preschoolers in the DeWinton area can now breathe a sigh of relief.

On March 1st, the DeWinton Community Association announced that after 35 years they would be shutting down their volunteer lead preschool in the new school year.

However, local Mom of five and early learning educator Sandra Wain stepped up and even has some summer camps ready.

"We are so excited to open in September for preschool. We offer camps in August and parent and tot drop-in programs this July, in the next couple of weeks. And those will be free programs for parents and tots just to welcome them into our space and into our community program."

It's called the Birchwood Early Learning Program with owner and director Wain setting up shop in the DeWinton Community Hall along with assistant director and program lead Lizzie Quinton.

Wain says when she found out about it closing, she jumped in with both feet.

"When I read about the program closing it was incredibly sad for the community but I kind of sprung into action because I knew that I had this vision for a program, and I wanted to bring it to our community, and I wanted to make it a community program where everybody could be involved and feel like part of the program."

Wain has been involved in early childcare learning for over 20 years with Quinton having worked within the childcare industry for 10 years.

Preschool starts on September 4th and for more information, you can go to their website.