A new Indigenous fashion exhibit will soon be on display at the Okotoks Museum.

The grand opening is expected for June 21, just in time for National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Alyssa Koski is grateful for the opportunity to share this part of her heritage.

"It's an exhibit that is showcasing all of my grandma's Kainai dresses that she's collected over the years. She's made a lot of copies based off of family photos of dresses that her mom and her grandmother wore."

The display, A Century of Blackfoot Women's Styles, covers a wide range of history and culture.

"It shows about a hundred years span, kind of around 1850 to 1950s roughly. It's quite a few dresses and accessories just showing the fashion evolution, about a century's worth."

Koski was part of a pop-up display several years ago on Elma Street showing some of the dresses and was pleased with the response from residents.

The new display is a great way for them to reach more people.

"It's just phenomenal. There's a whole bunch of different dresses, and they're just beautiful, and a lot of history to back them up. So it's really, really exciting."


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