The Hike for Hospice was a big success this year, in spite of the pandemic.

Development and Communications Officer with the Foothills Country Hospice, Stephanie Barnes says they got a great response.

"We have raised more than $46,000, there's still money trickling in and we actually have heard a rumour that there's a company in Calgary that kind of did their own Hike for Hospice challenge and they'll be presenting us with a cheque in the near future," she says.

Barnes says during pre-COVID times they would raise anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 during the hike and she expects they'll bypass the $50,000 plateau soon.

"So many stepped up this year, all over the world, we had that gentleman running the 100 kilometres in the U.K,, it was just awesome to see everyone share their stories and why they're running online this year, it was really cool," she says. "It's so great for the clinical staff and all our staff to see that as well because sometimes they're working so hard and they're doing their job and it's so nice when you get that feedback from former clients that really did appreciate, not just the care that we gave their loved ones but the support that we gave the families too."

Barnes says they have heard many times that the staff has helped families get through the hardest time in their lives and make them, not just bearable, but joyous.

Colin Pratt with his grandchildren. Colin’s wife Wendy passed away at the hospice a few years ago, and Colin has since jumped on board as one of our most avid volunteers. Photo Courtesy of Foothills Country Hospice.

It costs about $1,030 per resident, per day, or about $3-million a year to keep the hospice operating, with Alberta Health providing 56 per cent and the rest comes from donations and events like the Hike for Hospice and the Rally for Hospice which is set for August 28, 2021 with a theme of Cars and Country".

It starts at the Hospice and ends at the High River Sunset Drive In.

Registration is already open. (

The hike usually attracts about 400 participants and this year saw about 300 take part.

Barnes says the hospice is incredibly grateful to everyone who's stepped forward, especially considering how tough the last year and a half has been through the COVID pandemic.

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