The NDP Government is causing Agricultural Societies in Alberta grief as they wait for their annual grants.

On Friday, the Agriculture and Forestry Minister's office confirmed the Agricultural Societies program funding is in the hands of the Treasury Board.

President of the High River Ag Society, Nadine Achtemichuk, says they didn't received their usual funding in June, and still never heard anything.

"It's interesting how our government kind of slid this by everybody, and hadn't said anything, and then at the last second we got an email stating they knew we were waiting, but it was under review. So, I think it's another good example of how the government isn't supportive of the agricultural society."

Achtemichuk says, without the funding they'd be in big trouble since they've already had to dip into their emergency savings.

"We feel like we've been led on, like we've been led astray here without any real feedback or understanding as to what was going on. And, then to just be told that it's under review. So, now we're fearful of what that means. Does that mean we won't get anything, or we will get something?"

People are being encouraged to talk with their local MLA's, so the NDP realizes the importance of Ag Societies in communities.

Achtemichuk says, they are hoping to get more details later this week.

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