Nanton's grain elevators have been granted historic designation status from the province.

The announcement was made April 9 with MLA Roger Reid in attendance at the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre.

The Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Society is the organization that looks after the three grain elevators.

Board chair of the organization, Leo Wieser says it's important to save the once populous grain elevators.

"Once there were thousands of elevators in Alberta...around the 1950's, we're actually down to less than one hundred and twenty and there's more and more vanishing every year."

With the excitement of the announcement Wieser knows there's still a lot more work to do.

"So, today we have achieved this provincial designation. We finally made it, right? So, the elevators are really saved...well, unfortunately nothing could be farther from the truth. This means they are protected in many ways but this is just the beginning, this is our jumping off point. Our partnership with the province of Alberta is just one very fantastic piece of a very complicated puzzle and the puzzle, which when we assemble it, it will help us achieve our goals of preserving the sight and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the Nanton grain elevators for the future."

They have plans to continue to host Drive-In movie fundraisers as well as hosting musicians including John Wort Hannam in June as well as a first, opera.

"Opera at the Elevators. So, we're working in discussions with a group out of Lethbridge...and sometime in August we'll have Opera at the Elevators."

MLA for Livingstone-Macleod, Roger Reid was on hand for the ceremony and shared what many people can relate to when they see the iconic grain elevators.

"When I'm coming back from Edmonton on a Thursday night and I see the orange of the Pioneer elevator I know I'm almost home and it's always something that welcomes me."

Reid also shared he grew up on a farm with many fond memories of going to grain elevators with his grandpa and his father-in-law was even an elevator manager.

Board president Leo Wieser, fellow board members Randy Hellier, Lori Stuart, and Julia Anderson, Councillors Victor Czop and Roger Miller, and MLA Roger Reid.(L to R) Board members Randy Hellier, Lori Stuart, and Julia Anderson, Board president Leo Wieser, Nanton Councillor Victor Czop, MLA Roger Reid and Nanton Councillor Roger Miller. (photo taken by Lorraine Hjalte)

The organization also used the elevator to show their support for the people of Ukraine by shining yellow and blue evening lights in March.

You can find out more about the Canadian Grain Elevator Discovery Centre on their website.