Okotoks residents are being asked to share their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Okotoks Museum and Archives is looking to preserve these memories as they are a significant part of the town's history.

Kathy Coutts, Museum Specialist, says the preservation of this moment in time is important.

"The Okotoks Museum and Archives acts as the stewards of our community's collective history and history is happening now. We are living history. So, our goal is to collect personal stories that document our community's experiences with COVID-19."

Residents can submit a paragraph, poem, document, photograph, or drawing that depicts their experience going through the pandemic and how it has affected them.

Coutts says they are looking for stories from a variety of backgrounds.

"This pandemic is a shared experience, we're all in it together, but that shared experience is made up of individual experiences because it's affecting each of us differently so every story matters. Whether you're a senior citizen, a child, a teacher, a student, healthcare professional, parent, business owner... everyone has experienced something different."

Stories can be submitted by emailing culture@okotoks.ca.

Hard-copies of documents, videos, photographs, artwork, etc. won't be accepted in person until the Okotoks Museum and Archives reopens.

Anyone with questions can call (403) 938-8969.


Questions, comments, or story ideas? Email news@okotoksonline.com