The newly minted Liberal/NDP get-together isn't going over well in many circles.

Foothills Conservative MP John Barlow doesn't believe NDP supporters voted for a Liberal government. 

"For all those people in Alberta, Rachel Notley is now in league with Justin Trudeau, certainly when you have two parties who are high spend, high tax mentality and we've got record levels of inflation, cost of living, skyrocketing fuel prices this is frightening," he says.

The Conservatives put forward a motion Wednesday to remove the GST and HST from fuel to give Canadians a break but the Liberals and NDP voted it down.

Prime Minister Trudeau says the deal between his Liberals and the NDP means no election until 2025 during these tumultuous times.

However, Barlow points out that chaotic times didn't stop him from calling an election last fall.

"This doesn't preclude Justin Trudeau ending this relationship when he's done with the NDP, there's nothing that stops Justin Trudeau from having a quick election as he did in the fall, this is essentially the NDP giving Justin Trudeau today's lunch and tomorrow's lunch money," he says.

He says it'll be interesting to see what the federal budget will hold in a few weeks.

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