Statistics Canada says 34.6 per cent of people in this country have no religious affiliation — more than ever before.

The last time Canadians were surveyed on religion, in 2011, 23.9 per cent selected "no religion."

The latest tranche of data from the 2021 Census also shows the highest proportion of the population — 53.3 per cent — identifies as Christian, but that is down from 67.3 per cent in 2011.

StatCan says last year's survey presents the most comprehensive portrait of Canadians' religious affiliations to date.

It says that's because the survey linked to a list of 200 example denominations for people to look at before writing in their religion, which encouraged people to be more specific. 

For example, 12,625 people reported being Wiccan, while 1,380 said they were Scientologists.