Finding the right balance between citizens, agriculture, and business is important for M.D. of Foothills candidate, Llana Malmberg.

Malmberg, who is running in Division one, says we have some of the best farm land in Alberta which needs to be preserved.

"I see a lot of developments going through where people are look at taking second and third subdivisions off of agricultural land. I think it's extremely important outside of the main corridors just South of Calgary, agricultural land be protected, because once it's gone, it's gone."

Malmberg also wants smaller communities to stay affordable, saying they're struggling with things such as their water bills.

"It's a huge concern where we're going to start loosing some of these small communities, such as Cayley, Blackie, Aldersyde, Priddis, if they can't afford to live there. I think a councillor needs to be advocating for these people."

Rural crime also been appearing more in the M.D.

"Rural crime has been a huge issue lately, and a lot of people have experienced that they're not sure what all is being done in their local area to help that outside of RCMP, but what the actual municipal services are doing."
Malmberg says, she is heavily involved in the communities of High River, Okotoks, Blackie, and Cayley, so she wanted to step it up a level by running in the election.


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