For anyone who's wondered what ever happened to the Mantracker, he's still around but no longer chasing people.

Terry Grant says, unlike much of today's reality TV, his show was the real thing.

"I had a lot of really neat people but I never got to meet them before the chase and the first couple of years I barely got to meet them after the chase so it wasn't until season 3,4,5 that I actually got to work with them a bit after the chase," he says. "It was really quite a high for me, I learned really quick that this was not a typical TV show, where they tell you what to do and what to say and where to go, I kind of thought it would be scripted but it was not scripted one iota."

He was honestly happy when he tracked down the people on the show and just as honestly upset when he made a mistake and they got away.

Grant is now taking people out into the back country for three-day excursions through Anchor D Guiding and Outfitting near Turner Valley.

"We leave Friday kind of noonish, somewhere around there and we trailer out to the trail head and then we ride for four or five hours into camp, all your luggage and stuff like that is taken in by wagon and we go a different route on horseback, you see some marvelous country," he explained. "Friday night we get into camp and you get your sleeping bag and your clothes and throw it in a tent and there's a cot there and that's where you stay for the next two nights."

He says the Friday night is a lot of fun "telling lies around the fire" and then it's off to sleep.

Grant says they're back on the trail all day Saturday over Blue Rock Mountain and through "death valley" and by Saturday night things are a lot quieter.

He says Sunday they head south to triple falls and when it's really hot, like it was last summer, it's nice to get into the ice cold water for the couple of seconds riders can take it.

Anyone looking to book a spot on the ride can do so through Anchor D Guiding and Outfitting.