For those looking to save, here's where you can find regular gas at the best price in the area.

This list is according to as of noon on Thursday (Dec. 8).

High River:

  • UFA: $1.293 per litre (plus tax)
  • Co-op and Esso: $1.399


  • Costco: $1.179 per litre
  • Esso, Fas Gas, Shell and multiple others: $1.329 per litre


  • Costco: $1.089 per litre
  • Multiple others: $1.229 per litre

UFA and Costco require a membership to use their pumps.

GasBuddy says Alberta has the cheapest price per litre in the country at an average of $1.329 -- Ontario is second at $1.419. The priciest is in Newfoundland at $1.683.