All across Alberta today there was a call for students to stand up and protest the gender identity announcement made last week by Premier Danielle Smith.

Locally, some high school students in High River were protesting just that. 

About two dozen students from École Secondaire Highwood High School stood united this morning at 10 against the Premier's announcement.

They congregated at the corner of 12th Ave. and 10th St. SW hanging trans and pride flags along the fence line.

Highwood High student Don, who was eager to share their thoughts, strongly disagrees with Premier Smith's announcement.

"Personally, I'm here because I can't reveal my identity and I'm here to protest for those who can't because I think everybody deserves the same right to have their identity completely and entirely. It is up to them; it is not up to an adult woman."

Another student, Kal, also wanted his voice to be heard too.

"I'm here because I fully support the transgender community. I personally am not trans, but I do identify with the LGBTQ. And I will not stand for the oppression Danielle is trying to push on us."

You can read more about Premier Smith's announcement on the link below in the Read More link.