Whether you're a regular or hitting the midway for the first time, you had better look your best when you're headed to the Calgary Stampede.

Local businesses in Okotoks are flourishing in sales associating with the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Boot Hill Gallery is one of those businesses.

Owner Carol Bishop says the western racket is booming this week.

"Things are really, really busy," she says. "I think the reason that they are, they have a way more unique experience than they do at other stores, we've got amazing customer service if we don't have something in stock we'll find it for you we'll get in for you."

Bishop says you don't need to go all the way into the city to find the right outfit for Stampede.

"We're honest," she says. "If we put something on a customer and it doesn't look right we tell them, we don't want them walking out of here looking not the best that they can and we make sure they walk out of here looking amazing and awesome."

Bishop adds she's seen all kinds of customers this week from her regulars to those hitting the Stampede for the first time, and is able make them feel right at home.

"They'll put the jeans on that are a little bit too short, and when we tell them they need them longer so they've got the stacking, they look at us like we're kind of out to lunch," she says. "Once you go through the whole process and explain it they're starting to understand it and they actually walk out look quite hot and feeling quite comfortable."

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