A local club has opened registration and is looking for siege weapons of all sizes to compete in a battle of power. 

The fourth annual Optimist Pumpkin' Chunkin' contest is a go for this year and is looking for community members to throw their names and their machines in. 

Corporations, families and Scout groups have all tested their brains to put pumpkins into the troposphere. In a battle of distance and power the event draws catapults, trebuchets and slingshots head to head to see who can launch the furthest. All while raising funds for the club as well as donations for the Okotoks Food Bank.

This year they will see a change of venue as they quickly outgrew their previous location at Country Living located just outside Okotoks. 

pumpkin chunkin event in Okotoks  Locals launch a pumpkin at Country Living & Garden Center for the third annual Pumpkin Chunkin event on Saturday, Oct. 30.

According to Optimist Club member Amy Giroux, Granary Road Farmer's Market was quick to supply them with a larger space.

"We were so close to hitting the road and so we just needed a bigger field. I posted up online somewhere and they got wind that we were looking for a new location and they volunteered their space."

With the larger space comes room to add activities along with all the usual events throughout the day.

"We have fair games out in the field for people to play and explore while the machines are launching or in between launches. Then there's going to be our usual fire pits and we're going to have 50/50, a kids costume contest, music, and there’s going to be food bank donations accepted."

They have four participants already and hope to make it to 10 this year. They are looking for more groups to get involved from all over the foothills. 

"It's a great location because it's in the middle of Okotoks, Black Diamond and Calgary. All the different areas, right? So you can go in from everywhere, every direction. So hopefully we can talk to some more communities and get this even bigger."

The 4th annual Pumpkin' Chunkin' is set for October 22 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

Find registration details on their website or social media.