The operator of Daydreams Early Learning Child Care says they did go through a lot of absences in fall because of illnesses.

Julia Gwyn-Morris says in September, October and part of November there was quite a number of sick kids.

"The parents were awesome, they kept their children home as per our policies and I think we were all very grateful to the parents on that," she says. "Yes, there were waves, I was speaking with my director and saying, 'do you think we're through this now' because we were getting quite a few children out in each room for about a 3 to 4 week period there, that was the strongest point I think."

She's heard that a number of children have been out of school or at other daycares because of the illnesses that are going around.

Gwyn-Morris is hoping the numbers are starting to trend downward and the period between now and around Christmas time will be a happy and healthy time for everyone.