Local businesses can help young entrepreneurs in their pursuit for Lemonade Day success.

This year the event has opened up to businesses outside of Okotoks such as Black Diamond and Turner Valley.

An information session is planned to help to give businesses information about the event and let them know how they can support kids taking part.

Tanya Thorn, Okotoks Town Councillor, says taking part in Lemonade Day helps children to become active members in the community.

"They create relationships in their community with different people they normally wouldn't be exposed to," she says. "When youth have these relationships with adults it gives them that mentorship, it gives them pride and ownership... there's lots of studies out there that say those types of things reduce vandalism in your community."

thorn adds the session will discuss more than what the mandate of lemonade day is.

"We'll talk about how they can help these young, little entrepreneurs whether that's with mentorship, having them talk to them when they come in and they're looking for locations about the cost of that location, those types of things so they get an idea that setting up a businesses isn't just about getting free space and free stuff, there's costs associated."

The information session takes place Tuesday night at the Foothills Community Centre at 5:00 p.m.

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