Plans are coming together for the biggest little rodeo around.

President of the High River Ag Society Tanya Froh says everything's on track for the Little Britches Rodeo.

"We're over 100 kids entered now, I believe we've got our stock lined up, we've got our steers, our roping stock is all taken care of, we've got sheep, we found piglets, which was more of a challenge than one would image so there will be a pig scramble," she says.

Froh says they could still use some helping hands.

"We do have our group of core volunteers but if anybody wants to come help set up barrels, rake barrels, set up poles that sort of thing during the rodeo performances that would be much appreciated, many hands make light work," Froh says.

The Little Britches Rodeo runs Saturday May 21 starting at 10 a.m. at the Western Financial Group Arena at the Ag Grounds.

The offices open at 9 a.m.